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Back to School Do’s & Don’ts

As the dog days of summer wain, it’s time to think about back to school. This is a very busy time for families as they focus on all of the “getting ready for school” activities. There is certainly plenty to do, new cloths, new school supplies, new teachers to meet, new backpacks, and don’t forget to add chiropractic care to that list.

As summer comes to an end and vacations are over, returning to school might be stressful for kids. They often are anxious about new classes, new friends and all of the things the new school year brings.  These back-to-school jitters can be very emotional for your child, not to mention the physical effects of additional exposure to germs, heavy backpacks, and high impact sports that all have the ability to harm your child.

Chiropractic adjustments are especially important at this time. They help promote a healthy nervous system that allows the body to communicate and operate at its maximum. Adjustments also help increase focus and fine motor control. Heading back to school means exposure to germs, bugs and viruses.  Adjustments are especially important to increase the body’s ability to fight off those illnesses. Regular adjustment with Chiropractic care enhances your child’s nervous system allowing that nervous system to operate at its optimum, keeping your child healthy and happy.


Kids Need Sleep!

During the summer break kids often get off their sleep schedule with extra daylight, vacations, and more activities at home.  Sleep is our bodies time to heal, and repair form the stresses of the day.  If your child is not sleeping enough it can lead to body and brain malfunctions. Try to keep to a schedule prior to returning back to school so that those early morning routines are less painful. Of course, limiting screen time before bed helps the body to naturally produce melatonin which is the sleepy time hormone and promotes deeper sleep. Also keeping the temperature in the home at 70 degrees or cooler helps promote the body’s ability for restful sleep

Don’t forget that backpack! Most kids beg for the most stylish, trendy backpack on the market. Remember that the most popular backpack may not be the best ergonomic choice you can make. It could even lead to problems for your child’s skeleton later in life.

Backpack Do’s and Don’ts

  • Look for ergonomic straps that are wide and padded
  • Look for additional padding on the lower back of the pack
  • The weight should not exceed 10-15% of the child’s body weight fully packed
  • When packing the backpack put the heaviest items closest to the body
  • Be sure that straps are adjusted properly so weight is evenly distributed
  • The backpack should be snug against the body
  • The backpack should not go below the child’s bottom – never reaching the legs

Weather you are a student, parent, or teacher, we are here to help you achieve the most vibrant optimal health. So as this school year begins take this opportunity to schedule the family for chiropractic care for your nervous system and your spine in order to be prepared for a terrific school year 

Call our office to get started on your restorative path to optimal health, or schedule online today!

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Sam\Bob ValiunasSam\Bob Valiunas
13:35 20 Aug 22
OMG these people are amazing! They were able to get my husband in right away. You can tell everyone who works there enjoys their jobs. Amber, Terri and Dr. Brad make you feel welcome everytime you go in. Highly recommend Dr. Brad for your chiropractic needs!
17:15 08 Aug 22
very caring people, Dr Brad is very gentle and listens to you, I would recommend him to everyone.
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22:45 19 Jun 22
Dr Brad and his staff are amazing. They have the special touch to encourage healing. Teri is highly skilled. This office figured it out. My pain of five years is disappearing day by day. It feels so good to move again.
Katrina WuenschKatrina Wuensch
16:17 15 Jun 22
Started going to Connected Chiropractic in January and have loved my experience and the staff is terrific. I had a pinched nerve and could barely walk but within a week I could sit and walk almost pain free. I have felt better than ever bow that I go and get adjusted on a regular basis.
Terri KarwischTerri Karwisch
21:59 20 Apr 22
Dr. Brad and his entire staff are great! I have had pain in my back for years and had been seeing a chiropractor out of state before we moved here. Terri was very good at explaining the findings in my x-rays and scan. No one has ever explained all that to me. It made perfect sense. I am looking forward to the treatment plan that Dr. Brad came up with and am excited about being pain free and having a happy, healthy life. Also wanted to thank Ashley for a great massage! Thank you to the entire staff!