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Connected Chiropractic is a Brain-Based Practice!

Good health isn’t just about being pain-free and making sure you stay active. Other key components to good health are making sure you maintain a healthy diet and continue to grow and improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. At Connected Chiropractic, we treat subluxations that can lead to musculoskeletal pain, numbness, headaches, and more naturally with our brand of top-rated chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Connected Chiropractic is a brain-based practice! This means that the body is self-healing, is self -regulating, and is controlled by your brain and nervous system. The best way to treat any issue that your body may have is by making sure that your nervous system is operating at 100% without any subluxations or interferences. We understand that successfully treating a subluxation comes from identifying what caused it, treating any negative side effects resulting from the interference, and encouraging you to make changes so that it does not return.

Spinal Decompression

At Connected Chiropractic, we combine the healing power of chiropractic care, massage therapy, body education, interferential current, decompression, supplements, and essential oils to target any and all possible subluxations from every angle. We encourage every patient we treat to understand their bodies, to empower themselves mentally and emotionally, and to make important lifestyle changes to improve their overall health and wellness. By focusing on every aspect of their lives, they can begin to eliminate stressors and can reduce the frequency and intensity of subluxations that could result in musculoskeletal pain and other discomfort.

When your spine is in proper alignment, your brain and nervous system are connected, your body is functioning better, and your overall health and wellness are the best they can be.


The Three T’s Are Crucial to Health & Wellness

If functioning properly, your body is a resilient self-healing and self-regulating system.

At Connected Chiropractic, we treat the whole body to ensure that the central nervous system is working optimally throughout the healing process. We know the stressors that cause subluxations or interferences within the body that damage proper function come from one of three categories: thoughts, toxins, traumas. The best way to treat and prevent future subluxations, and therefore pain, numbness, depression, or any other discomfort, is by understanding these “Three T’s” and identifying which ones are causing it.

By identifying the source, we can better treat any negative side effects and recommend the proper life-style changes to prevent the problem from returning in the future. Our mission is to ensure that everyone we treat has a better understanding of the “Three T’s,” the impact they have on your health and wellness, and how to remove them and the accompanying subluxations so that you can heal better.



A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mindset. Your mental and emotional state can have a powerful impact on your physical health and wellness. For example, things such as arguments, unrelenting work hours, stressful thoughts, anxiety, or depression can cause your health to decline by encouraging muscle tension, poor posture, high blood pressure, and weakened immunity. Identifying and eliminating the triggers that cause stress or mental fatigue can play a major role in the healing process.

When that is combined with the removal of any subluxations through chiropractic adjustments and the release of muscle tension via massage therapy, your body can learn that it is okay to heal by relaxing, regulating that blood pressure, and strengthening your immunity. This will improve your overall health and wellness and reduce your chances of experiencing any side effects such as musculoskeletal pain, numbness, headaches, and so much more.

We encourage every patient we treat to self-evaluate and identify the possibilities in their day to day lives that may be causing unwanted stress and to receive regular adjustments and massages.



Toxins come in many different forms. Things like refined sugar, processed foods, car emissions, medications, and household cleaning products can wreak havoc on your body’s ability to properly function. Too many toxins in the body will lead to stress and poor health because our bodies are constantly trying to decide what to digest, what to fight off, how to escape bad air, and how to get the nutrients it needs to heal and operate.

Understanding and evaluating your environment and diet is crucial to cleansing the body. The many things you are exposed to within a day could lead to inflammation, a decreased immune system, and even higher levels of stress as the body tries to cope. Regular chiropractic adjustments can remove subluxations resulting from toxins by restoring correct spinal alignment and function. This will ensure that the neural pathways between your brain and body are wide open and that your brain can properly communicate what to fight off, what to digest, how to decrease inflammation, and how to deal with any new stress resulting inside the body.

Cleansing the body through proper dieting and hydration as well as avoiding pollutants in the home, if possible, will boost your immune system, help the positive effects from spinal adjustments last longer, improve your overall health, wellness, and ability to heal, and prevent any future musculoskeletal pain, numbness, or discomfort. Without addressing what we put in and around our bodies we can never properly heal or permanently eliminate subluxations.



The most well-known “T” that causes subluxations is physical trauma. Examples of traumas include car accidents, falls, sports and work-related injuries, and even childbirth. All are obviously traumatic to the body. All can also lead to musculoskeletal pain, numbness, headaches, and many other negative indicators within the body.

You should also be conscious of micro-traumas throughout your daily routine. These are things like poor posture, heavy lifting, sitting too long, and even wearing certain shoes. These micro-traumas also contribute to spinal misalignments resulting in subluxations. The worst part is that traumas can also lead to you experiencing issues resulting from thoughts and toxins as well. Wouldn’t you be upset if you had chronic pain? Do you know someone who takes a Tylenol when they hurt or have a headache? Treating a physical trauma with chiropractic care and massage therapy allows the body to heal naturally rather than relying on addictive pain medication or invasive surgery.

If you are suffering from pain related to a physical trauma, trust the experts at Connected Chiropractic. Through our adjustments and other therapies, subluxations can be removed. That means that your brain can communicate, and your nervous system is working well. Even better, a healthy nervous system results in better mental, emotional, and physical health, strengthened immunity, reduced inflammation, and so much more!

Recover faster, maintain your health and wellness, and boost your nervous system by understanding and applying the “Three T’s!”

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