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Vitality Massage Therapy For Your Lifestyle…

Most of us think of massage as a way to relax, and many of us need it. Oxford Economics performed a recent study where they discovered that U.S. workers forfeited 169 million days of paid time off, amounting to about $52.4 billion in lost benefits. A huge number of us want to relax…need to relax. Unfortunately, as proven through this study, we’re not good about taking that time for ourselves.

At Vitality Massage, we think a healthy work/life balance is critically important and that’s one of the reasons we’re proud to offer massage therapy. But that’s not the only reason, it also has multiple health benefits outside of relaxation. When partnered with chiropractic care, it can drastically improve your health and quality of life.

A few of the categories of massage we offer are:

  • Swedish – This is what most people think of when they think of massage. Swedish massage techniques help to relax the entire body, increase blood flow, improve circulation, decrease muscle toxins, and boost flexibility.
  • Sports – This can be useful for everyone from the casual runner up to the professional athlete. Sports massage can help to ease pain from injuries, stretch muscles, and warm up before physical activity.
  • Deep Tissue – A school of massage that’s very closely related to Swedish, but the primary difference here is an emphasis on deep pressure to release tension from muscles.
  • Neuromuscular – This technique utilizes static pressure upon specific myofascial points of the body to relieve pain. Through a combination of deep tissue and soft tissue manipulation, it can balance the nervous system.
  • Reflexology – This method was created to treat illness and ease tension through the use of meridians in the hands and feet.
  • Pre-Natal – Designed for the needs of pregnant women, this category helps increase both relaxation and blood circulation.
  • Chair Massage – A brief massage, generally lasting 10 minutes, in which the client sits fully clothed in a special chair. We commonly perform this method at community events, corporate functions, and other events.
Massage Therapy

Why Choose Vitality Massage In Johnstown?

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Highly Trained and Knowledgeable Massage Therapists
  • Care and Compassion Where It Counts
  • Personalized Care to Address Your Specific Needs
  • Warm and Welcoming Environment
  • Natural Approach to Pain Relief
  • Benefits Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being
  • Provides Effective Relief To Many Conditions and Symptoms
  • Ideal Therapy for People of All Ages

Our goal is to help you find lasting pain and tension relief by taking a natural approach to healing and wellness care. At Vitality Massage, we’re passionate about helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. If you are ready to experience the many benefits of a healing, relaxing, rejuvenating massage, reach out to Vitality Massage today by scheduling an appointment online!

What Our Patients Are Saying...

Sam\Bob ValiunasSam\Bob Valiunas
13:35 20 Aug 22
OMG these people are amazing! They were able to get my husband in right away. You can tell everyone who works there enjoys their jobs. Amber, Terri and Dr. Brad make you feel welcome everytime you go in. Highly recommend Dr. Brad for your chiropractic needs!
17:15 08 Aug 22
very caring people, Dr Brad is very gentle and listens to you, I would recommend him to everyone.
Sue BaroshSue Barosh
22:45 19 Jun 22
Dr Brad and his staff are amazing. They have the special touch to encourage healing. Teri is highly skilled. This office figured it out. My pain of five years is disappearing day by day. It feels so good to move again.
Katrina WuenschKatrina Wuensch
16:17 15 Jun 22
Started going to Connected Chiropractic in January and have loved my experience and the staff is terrific. I had a pinched nerve and could barely walk but within a week I could sit and walk almost pain free. I have felt better than ever bow that I go and get adjusted on a regular basis.
Terri KarwischTerri Karwisch
21:59 20 Apr 22
Dr. Brad and his entire staff are great! I have had pain in my back for years and had been seeing a chiropractor out of state before we moved here. Terri was very good at explaining the findings in my x-rays and scan. No one has ever explained all that to me. It made perfect sense. I am looking forward to the treatment plan that Dr. Brad came up with and am excited about being pain free and having a happy, healthy life. Also wanted to thank Ashley for a great massage! Thank you to the entire staff!