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More and more studies are beginning to show that chiropractic patients need standard medical services less! What we are considering to be standard medical services are things like hospitals, nursing homes, prescription drugs, and surgeries to help the elderly stay active.

Highlighted Study

The June 1996 issue of Topics In Clinical Chiropractic reports that older patients who receive regular chiropractic care confirm better overall wellness, spend less time in nursing homes and hospitals, use less prescription drugs, and continue to be active with no additional help. This was done through a comprehensive study and assessment program that looked at both a group of older individuals under chiropractic care and a group who were not. The conclusion was astounding! Regular chiropractic patients seemed to need standard medical practices less.

Individual Statistics

Let’s look at each group more closely, shall we? A study of geriatrics (or elderly individuals) by the RAND Corporation found that 96% of the population studied under chiropractic care had not used nursing home services in the three years before the study. This is compared to the 81% of those who had not received chiropractic care. That means there was a 15% difference in those receiving regular adjustments and those who were not. One win for regular chiropractic care!

When it came to hospitalization, chiropractic patients fared even better. 74% of the people under chiropractic care were not hospitalized for the past 23 years versus 53% of the study group not under chiropractic care. That is a 21% difference! We can add another win in the chiropractic column.

For overall wellness, 87% of the chiropractic care patients reported a better health status while only 68% not under chiropractic care thought their health was good to excellent. Another percentage difference above 10%…19% to be exact. Regular chiropractic patients also stated a higher likelihood to exercise and remain active. Last, but certainly not least, roughly 70% of chiropractic patients said that they were still active in the community. Only 47% of non-chiropractic subjects agreed. Put simply, chiropractic works!

Chiropractic Patients Need Standard Medical Services Less!

Continuous chiropractic care is a commonality of the many patients experiencing a higher quality of life. The conclusion is simple, chiropractic patients need standard medical services less. Join the group of those who have fewer costly healthcare issues and begin preventing more in the future. Schedule online today!