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Terri Williams’s passion is caring for people. She is a graduate of Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing and the University of Phoenix with a degree in nursing. She began her career at what was known as Colorado General Hospital. Her career in nursing included every aspect of care for patients…from working in Metro area hospitals, to delivering babies in birthing centers, to being labeled as Executive Director of a Home Health and Hospice Agency. However, direction changed for Terri after the Y2K.

She started working more with agencies that provided telemedicine and electronic solutions at home. She then ended her career as a Project Manager installing electronic medical records in multiple hospitals across the country. This job afforded Terri and her husband, Floyd, the opportunity to travel all over the US. In fact, she has been to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Terri also has four very successful daughters who live in Colorado with their significant others as well. She has six grandchildren and three great grandchildren that help to keep her young!

When not working, Terri enjoys cooking, crocheting, sewing, and reading. She is a Colorado native, fourth generation, and lives on a farm that was homesteaded in the 1800’s by her husband’s great grandfather. She also loves tending to her 5 horses, that she also sees as her babies, on that very same farm. Terri and Floyd built their house on the farm’s 22 acres, and it continues to remain in the family (going strong since 1880). She has very deep ties to the community and was at one time a business owner here in Johnstown herself.

After retiring from nursing after more than 40 years, Terri soon missed that connection with people and started working 4 days a week with Dr. Brad. This was the beginning of her new chapter – learning all she could about Chiropractic and Holistic health. She loves what she does and loves using her new knowledge to help others heal in the way she has. Her job as the patient educator at Connected Chiropractic has allowed her to continue with her passion in caring for people.